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Hello everyone

I am slayer1927 I am the owner of I really need a logo for my site. I need one for the site that is any size since I am going to be basing the site look on the logo design. I really want a grim reaper or somthing with a linux reaper that has somthing to do with computer or tech that you think is cool.

Our site is also looking for a full time graphic designer and graphic mode for when the forum is up again. Please let me know of anyone interested. We need new icons and logos for the site we could us the help.

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It's just to plain. I think it needs somthing more like detail or somthing. i'm not a artist I just think it could use more.

I was thinking more along the lines of a robot (ala bender or the Terminator) grim reaper.

But searches for Robot Reaper just turn up the airforce predator drone.

Sorry, I can do architectural and mechanical design and modeling and limited photoshop but I am not an artist and couldn't draw something like that myself.

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