Comcast Internet Not Connecting

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Hello my friend asked me to come over and check his internet he has a dell desktop and a comast modem the computer is connected to the internet until you try to go to the ie or google chrome then it ask you to install the comcast software it then the program can't find the internet connection and the thing pops up network cable is unplugged . I have never seen anything like this . I can install the software is says without internet so im at a lose. I tried to turn the modem off and let it sit then I waited for a few minutes nothing happened. Should I reset it . Not sure what to do .

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Try resetting the modem. If all else fails, call Comcast. I had trouble setting up my Comcrap internet when I first got it. For a while it kept redirecting me to the stupid Comcast setup page every time I tried to get on even after I went through the whole load of crap the software made me go through. Out of the blue, Google popped up when I opened Firefox and I went straight to the Control Panel and uninstalled the Comcast software and I was good to go.

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i have comcast and i have never had to use their software to connect. look in the properties of your network connection and make sure it is set to find your IP address and on the other tab it is set to let windows find the other settings.

i even have a wireless router and have not had to use any of the comcast software. it will brand your brouser, and it will possibly want you to enter a user name and password to connect, which you do not need.

double check your firewall settings. it could be your firewall blocking the access.

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