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This could be fun! Anyone figure out how to zoom in? My address "doesn't exist" (figures....) but it did find my town and my street. All I could see is treetops and the farm fields! (no I DON'T live on a farm!!! :) ) Liz

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ha ha your location doesn't exist in the world of google. :D;)

for some reason google thinks that my house is in the middle of the park accross the street. mybe i've been evicted and they already know :huh:

make sure that you format the address the same as the example. like 827 S. street, city state and if your address still doesn't show up then use one close to you. the zoom controls are on the up and down slider on the left. you can zoom in and scroll you your house.

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The map was right on the mark, But the Satellite (pointer) view has us sitting in the middle of the street 3 houses down from us. Ha! Our house does show up on it and our motorhome (though hard to tell it's a motorhome) in back driveway too.

Our city/county has done some very accurate small plane views along with the actual maps done for the property tax department. Scary in a way that they can look right into your yard, see the type house, see the vegetable garden, cars etc. If we had been out in yard at time, we would have been visible too.

Big brother has been around a long time in this neck of the woods. Don't forget the police and news etc. choppers have infared imaging that detects heat of people. or how about the capabilities to be doing thermal imaging of buildings (you are using to much energy to heat your house...turn your thermostat down now!!! But sir I heat with wood!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! I will have the last laugh there!!!)

Thanks for the information on Google's latest endeavor.

God bless everyone.

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Man i'm glad the images are like over 6 months old.Our yard looks like a war zone after the long winter.Wait what am i saying? Why am i here posting ... i have to go and clean up the yard before the next images are posted.

Thanks for the cool link bearskin!

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