Google Chrome 5, Not 4, Will Support Windows 7

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Google Chrome 5, Not 4, Will Support Windows 7

Chrome available for download

By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor

16th of October 2009, 07:46 GMT

Google is not in any rush to adapt its open-source browser to the latest iteration of the Windows client. While Mozilla has already tailored the first Beta development milestone of Firefox 3.6 to Windows 7, the Mountain View-based search giant will not make the current Stable and Beta development milestones play nice with Windows Vista's successor. And apparently, the next version of Chrome, currently served to testers

and early adopters through the dev channel, will also give Windows 7 the cold shoulder. It will be only with the availability of Google Chrome 5 that Google will embrace Windows 7

The search giant's issue-tracking system for Google Chrome indicates that the integration of the open-source browser with Windows 7 is not a development priority. According to The Register, Google is only considering tailoring Google Chrome to Windows 7 when it will start building the fifth version of the open-source browser.

details at softpedia - . http://news.softpedi...-7-124475.shtml

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