IOBits steals Malwarebytes intellectual property

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You posted this in the right place garmanma

Malwarebytes has recently uncovered evidence that a company called IOBit based in China is stealing and incorporating our proprietary database and intellectual property into their software. We know this will sound hard to believe, because it was hard for us to believe at first too. But after an indepth investigation, we became convinced it was true.



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I also posted about it here: http://www.besttechi...lware-database/


Update today ...

November 3, 2009 10:32 AM PST

Malwarebytes accuses rival of software theft

by Elinor Mills

Malwarebytes is accusing China-based computer security firm IObit of intellectual property theft, but IObit denied the allegations and said there were problems with its malware submission site.

Malwarebytes claims IObit stole from its database of signatures of malicious applications that its software uses for detecting malware on customer computers.

Malwarebytes discovered that IObit's Security 360 free anti-malware software was flagging a specific key generator piece of code for Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware software and using the same naming scheme, which includes the phrase "Don't Steal Our Software," according to a blog post on the site.

More on this topic plus screenshots – CNET News -

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