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Can someone please help me with this scenario or direct me to where I can find help to draw this.

You will be designing the new West County LAN for Busicorp.

The details are as follows:

· Thirty initial clients evenly spread between two subnets with planned growth to 30 or more in each.

· Two subnets ( and connected to a 100-Mbps backbone (

· Remote clients will connect through a VPN connection over the Internet.

· A cable modem will provide Internet connectivity for client computers.

· You want to deploy a WAP/router with one public-side connector for a second cable modem and four private-side connectors on LAN It supports client network address translation and has a built-in firewall.

The two backbones will be connected via a T1. However, you are not responsible for the wide area connection or any of its related hardware. That will be handled separately by a different design group.



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