Shuttleworth stretches Ubuntu from netbooks to heavens

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Shuttleworth stretches Ubuntu from netbooks to heavens

Koala as a platform

By Timothy Prickett Morgan

26th October 2009 19:37 GMT

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and the marketing machine that is Microsoft are tough acts to follow. But Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu Linux project, is relieved that Windows 7 is out. Now, Ubuntu 9.10 - which is arguably the best desktop Linux released by the project and supported by Canonical, the commercial entity that provides tech support and other services for Ubuntu - can get on with showing how Ubuntu stacks up to Windows on both the desktop and on the server.

After all, the pressure is really on Microsoft to defend its desktops and servers and its relatively recent advances in netbooks. Microsoft is the public company with shareholders, while Canonical and the Ubuntu project is backed up Shuttleworth, who made his hundreds of millions of dollars in the dot-com boom and is more interested in building an open source platform than in generating profits for shareholders.

The desktop and server editions of the "Karmic Koala" Ubuntu 9.10 release were officially launched today, although Canonical was talking up the server edition two weeks ago, which includes an integrated, EC2-compatible cloud computing environment that is based on the open source Eucalyptus Project and uses KVM virtual machines. But the desktop edition has seen plenty of work, as El Reg explained in this review of the release candidate at the beginning of the month

Full details at The Register - http://www.theregist...c_shuttleworth/

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