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i am late on this but i had to test it.

It is no Secret I have always loved Xandros Desktop Been using it for years now. About half and Half With Windows. But never install on my laptop so i Looked into Xandros Presto and I am Impressed 8 sec bootup instant shutdown access windows Docs. i am hook this is great for you people who have a slow system and need to get mail or send fast. I know I have had only minutes to DL mail before a meeting 10secs on line. Had time to surf the web instant off. Great power saver if running on Battery easy install. I know there will be a ton of critic but I like it.




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Cool. It sounds very good indeed:-) I like the quick power-up that you have. :matrix:

Way cool I would. It is not for the hard core Linux user but it is for the Fed up with windows user. It is more for those in a fast pace. hit it and go widows user that wants to move forward. it is a step into the Linux world but it is definitely as time saver and a battery saver. low resources.

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