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One of the project managers for HJT has contacted Bleeping Computer saying that they are revamping it and asking for suggestions

He was pretty gung-ho for a while but I haven't seen much of him lately

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I'm not around that often. can someone tell me why we don't use hijach this logs anymore? don't it work?

As noted, while it was state of the art in the past it has become apparent that malware continues to evolve. Other tools such as RSIT and Old Timers , give additional information such as files and folders created in the last thirty days which are extremely useful in identifying an infection. Sure there are other tools such as combofix which will do this; but combofix is very dangerous when in the hands of an amateur or if run when certain specific infections are present.

While Hijackthis is still a usefull tool for preliminary screening and cleanup; often it leaves you asking for a followup with one of the other tools just to find out what is really there. So some sites have chosen to skip the preliminaries and just go with asking for an OT or RSIT log instead.

Why go with a hijackthis log then? Well in my opinion there are a couple reasons. First is confidence; a lot of people know about hijackthis and trust it if they see you asking for a hijackthis log they feel that they are in the right place for help. Secondly it allows prescreening; cutting out the actuall infections from simple cases where the person is "just checking" to see why their machine seems slow.

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