Setting Up An Ftp Office Server

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Depends on what you mean by "buy a server".

I would set up a headless linux machine as the server. For the distro, you could use Ubuntu server (just 'cause that's cake to set up) with FTP (this is done during installation). Then make a user account for everyone who would be FTPing in.

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What kind of things do you want the server to do? it sounds as if you just need a computer with file sharing turned on. You could set up each person with thier own account and only give them access to their folders. You could have some folders with shared access.

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Simplistic view which will even work on NAS (Network Attached Storage , hard drive in an enclosure that hooks up to your router / switch just like a USB one does to one computers USB port).

1. For each user create a folder on the NAS. If this folder is to be accessible over FTP make sure to require password protection.

2. On the appropriate comptuer map that folder as s drive in my computer so that it will show up there as a drive in which items can be saved.

(you can make one folder for FTP and one for non FTP access also and map both as drives just make sure to name appropriately so they are not confused)

3. You can make appropriate sub folders (if you want you can make the FTP folder a subfolder of the users folder which is mapped to the workstation as a drive) so that they can save their data there.

4. You can map the folder to multiple computers or multiple folders to a single computer (IE you can have the supervisors computer have all workstations folders mapped as drives so that he can check the status of all employees work).

You can use either a NAS (Many do come with built in FTP servers but check since not all do) or a full computer with a server operating system (vista server edition or a Linux server flavor). You can choose a single drive or one with raid .

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