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I have a Wireess G Router 4 Ports. I downloaded the newest software for it and ran the setup. After a few days the system thinks it is a new Router and wants to run the setup again. I did print out the Encryption Code so I could setup my Wii and Laptop to it. It took me 3 tries to get the correct one as I had 3 of them printed out for different dates and the printouts are not dated. My question now is: Can I just type in something in command mode to find the Code or do I just have to run the setup each time I loose the print outs? I tried to use Linksys Easy Link Advisor but every thing is grayed out and I can only run setup again. I have it running now I just would like to know I don't have to run setup if I was to loose the printouts. If I remember correct, I need to know that admin is the password but I can't remember where I enter that to get the info I need. Thanks for reading this long mess.

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When in doubt, I always hold in the red button on the router for 10 seconds to reset the unit and then start an install from scratch. Make sure the router is connected to your PC and use to get into the setup of the router. The name and password will default to ADMIN upon reset of the unit. Once set up, re-download the latest firmware and upload it to the router via the program within the router settings.

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Thanks. I did find out that Easylink Advisor doesn't work as well as Easylink Connect. I did find Easylink Connect on my saved files and ran it and it allows me to find the info I needed. Neither of these programs installs into ad/remove programs in The Control Panel so it was hard to figure out until I ran Easylink Connect. I knew I could just reboot and start from scratch but was wondering if the info was accessible without doing that and this program does just that. Thanks again.

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