Me, Me, Me! 80% Of Twitterers Tweet Mostly About Themselves

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Me, me, me! 80% of Twitterers tweet mostly about themselves

Rutgers study shows vast majority of Twitter users are 'meformers,' not informers

By Sharon Gaudin

Computerworld - A vast majority of Twitter users are mainly interested in ... well, themselves.

A Rutgers University study released this week shows that 80% of Twitterers are largely tweeting about themselves - their activities, feelings, opinions and other personal information.

Only 20% of the 350 Twitter users surveyed are sharing non-personal information and they tend to have larger social networks and interact more with their followers.

"While 'meformers' typically post messages relating to themselves or their thoughts, informers post messages that are informational in nature," wrote Rutgers researchers Mor Naaman and Jeffrey Boase in the study. They also said that while the majority of Twitterers may seem narcissistic, Tweeting about themselves is their attempt to maintain relationships by informing people of their status.

"Although the meformers' self-focus might be characterized by some as self-indulgent, these messages may play an important role in helping users maintain relationships with strong and weak ties," Naaman and Boase wrote.

Story Computerworld -

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Urge to kill... rising.

Twitter is a personal microblogging service. Personal blogs are supposed to be self-focused. That's the whole point. Twitter's focus on SMS arguably makes it (or made it) even more personal than typical personal blogs.

We need someone to conduct a study to determine the exact moment when (semi-)professional bloggers ruined blogging.

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