Rolling Review: Windows 7 Deployment Tools

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Rolling Review: Windows 7 Deployment Tools

We put six software packages through their paces rolling out Windows 7.

By Randy George

The conventional wisdom is to never deploy a new operating system before the first service pack. But that thinking might be misguided with Windows 7, which is scheduled for release on Oct. 22.

First, Windows 7 shares much of Vista's core code base, and that code has been improved and enhanced during Vista's troubled tenure. This means the new OS will look and feel more like what Vista should have been from the get-go. Second, Microsoft is combating the "wait until SP1" notion by maintaining its position in regard to Windows XP, which has passed from mainstream support to the purgatory of extended support. What does that mean? You'll only get critical security-related updates for XP.

Your first thought might be, "So what?" And depending on the complexity of your environment and the resources available, that may be an appropriate response. Deferring an upgrade for as long as possible will save cash in the short term and make your Windows XP ROI numbers look great. Companies with a significant number of Vista systems have a complicated decision process as well.

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