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SevenMizer Windows XP

Apply a shade of Windows 7 to XP

By Ionut Ilascu, Editor, Software Reviews

2nd of October 2009,

Following the same behavioral pattern as with the release of Windows Vista, software developers have striven to offer the masses the possibility to disguise Windows XP as Windows 7. There are plenty of freeware products on the market ready to emulate various features of the yet to be officially released operating system from Microsoft.

Seven Transformation Pack is the most prominent piece of software in the bunch, which has a tradition in making XP emulate the looks of ulterior operating systems launched by Microsoft. Vista Transformation Pack was created by the same developers and raked up positive attention. Also, there are various pieces of software dedicated to imitate different features in Windows 7, such as the new taskbar and system tray layout, Start Menu and even the font and icons, as well as the glass effect given by Aero theme.

SevenMizer is not a superset of all of the above, but comes with an extremely easy installation at the end of which you're going to receive a makeover of the old, dusty XP look, turning it into a very close resemblance to the interface in Windows 7. The best part is yet to come: you don't have to make any sort of configuration and what you see is all there is to know about the application.

The downside is that it does not integrate any of the cool features in Windows 7. All it does is change the taskbar and the way the tasks are displayed (it preserves all the elements in QuickLaunch) and mimic the Start Menu, but not to a far extent. Keen eyes will also notice that hovering the mouse over the Windows orb will effect in some changes, elongating the corners of the well-known Microsoft flag.

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