Microsoft, I4i Square Off In Appeals Hearing Over Word

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Microsoft, i4i square off in appeals hearing over Word.

No surprises, says i4i of oral hearing in D.C. today; wants injunction restored.

By Gregg Keizer September 23, 2009

Computerworld - A federal appeals court today heard arguments in a patent infringement case involving Word that required Microsoft to pay nearly $300 million in damages and barred the company from selling the software starting Oct. 10. Today's hearing was the latest step in a fast-track appeal that was granted Microsoft earlier this month, when it contested a jury verdict that ruled it illegally used technology patented by Canadian developer i4i.

The case has attracted interest primarily because a lower court slapped an injunction on Microsoft that would have prevented the company from selling Word 2003 and Word 2007 as of Oct. 10. That injunction, however, was suspended earlier this month? after Microsoft threatened that chaos? would result. According to Microsoft, it would take five months to modify Word, and the company wouldn't be able to sell Word and the suites, Office 2003 and Office 2007, that include the popular word processor, during that time.

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