What Is Scanshop?

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For a friend who wrote this:

"What is it? Can someone access my info through this program?

Sorry, I Googled but just don't have the knowledge needed. It's on a new computer that I just brought home. Thanks. "

I Googled too, and just as lost as she is. :)



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Thanks, isteve! Seeing as it "came with the box", it sounded safe, but wanted Geek Back-up for reassuring her.

Brand new Mac and saw a reference to SnowLeopard, so wondering if its something that comes with the newest OS??


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Scanshop doesn't come installed from Apple. It had to be installed by a vendor or part of a printer/scanner software package. Some vendors will bundle printers or cameras when they sell a mac and install software and driver packages to make it simple for their customers.

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