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Ok I updated my Macbook running Tiger to Snow Leppard..

no issue strait upgrade.. no whip and install just upgrade.. now if only MS would let you upgrade to 64bit not whip and install.

its a little faster.. depending on the app some are really fast, other are not at all.

but I got back 7.5 gigs of hard drive space..

so far the wireless has stopped dropping out.. will test more..

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I did three machines, one crashed during the upgrade. It then rebooted itself and continued right from where it crashed.

All work great the finder, safari, spotlight all run noticeably quicker. I love the new services been writing automator actions to it for everything. I also like the new quicktime and the screen-capture.

If you bring up the activity monitor you can see what apps are running 64 bit.

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I am getting ready to do my Mac Mini.. wanted to make sure that handbrake worked first as I have it hooked to the TV instead of a a AppleTv..

hopefull the new quicktime allows 5.1 from front row.. I could do it from the DVD player and from Itunes but not quicktime.. ?? which is weird as both use quicktime.

I like that my wifes Mac book is much faster.. Iphoto and Iworks apps just seam to run much faster, and I like the face recognition software.. it really speeds up adding meta data to over 7 years worth of pictures.

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