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*If this isn't allowed, please delete this and accept a noobies apologies*

Stopped by G4 forums today and apparently the TSS show name is changing to "Attack of the Show". Ugh. I haven't watched it since the day I counted 5 "off-color words" in the first 10 minutes--TSS needed a name change, but again, ugh. Plenty of angry viewers, also. Liz

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The final end to a long story, I've longed for them forgotten days of old. But things change and life goes on. But I'll remember those years spend on the old boards.

Now a final end to the bygone days of yesteryear. And a fond farewell.

Now!! where's the party? life goes on and i'm ready.

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I wonder what the person who named it "Attack of the Show" was on, to come up with such a dumb sounding name???

I haven't been over to the G4 boards for a few days (I have been learning to use the new Leoville Fussion BB boards), so did they also change the name of the SS's two boards to that ridiculous name? If so there might be a mutiny!!!

I wonder how anyone could be so dimwitted to name a show that and expect anyone to know what it is about, (or CARE!!!), or to have any respect for the network doing it. Maybe that whole network is from an alien planet and has infiltrated our world via their game network? Unfortunately that makes more sense than the choices we have seen them make since the takeover.

By the way, HI Liz,

Haven't seen you for awhile, and thought maybe you might be "lurking" at the new Leoville? Have you signed up yet? Get in now on the ground floor where everyone starts afresh? I have a few posts there already, but just did one to stand up for my rights to decide what I use on my computer so may already be in trouble.... oh well.

HA! That would be a first for me...yeah right... :rolleyes:

God bless everyone.

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Well the name change is stupid I think first they crash the show to the ground and now a name change, the show is kind of ok but tech wise theres nothing there. The name change was going to happen sooner or later

Agreed. That is a very stupid name!

I miss the good old days with Pat and Leo. Times change I suppose. I wish them the best.

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Yeah, TSS has shifted away from tech since the merger, however i can never forget what TSS and CFH taught me pertaining to computers and technology. No matter where it goes, it won't change the past....

I kinda drifted away from those boards a couple months ago, and remember Besttechie from the days before the merger....i heard there was also a forum...i guess the Besttechie community is the remains of other communities.....

TSS boards were nice, though....many people dedicated to helping people....

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Hi Sidekickcat,

They haven't changed the name of the forums yet, but I guess on March 28, the "new show" starts and they probably will change the forums then. I think they're trying to "cancel" it on purpose (I bet live tv is a challenge and expensive)

Yeah, I haven't been around, went to a Folk Dance Festival in Berea, KY with son's Morris Dance team. Had a great time, sore feet, no sleep. Did see my first robin (so cold in MI that even chickadees dissapeared).

Been checking out the new LTS, no, haven't signed up yet, miss the "nonsense" forums, but perhaps they'll return. You got yourself in hot water??? I'll have go there and to check up on you, young lady!! Liz

and to JSKY,

Let me know about the party!! I'll bring some eats. Liz

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Sorry if this was already said, I didn't read everything in the thread. If you go to g4techtv.com, you'll notice it redirects to g4tv.com with the old logo, with no sign of a merger ever happening. I don't goto those forums anymore, but under the show list, its still called 'TSS'. Kevinrose.com hasn't mentioned any name change, and I expect he would if there was one. Well, just throwing my thoughts in. Also, they announced these shows are no longer:

Body Hits

Invent this

Nerd Nation

Secret, Strange & True

Future Fighting Machines



Edit: sorry, I just saw the thread about the new show name.


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A board that lived years ago and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes, the move in here at Jeff's place.

Oh and stay back I think it's shedding or something.


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Sadly the show's new name is factual. On the bright side the name The ScreenSavers is no longer maligned with the mindless drivel the show has succumbed to. I think back to the 60s and 70s when I was part of a era that actually watched inane trash programming while in an altered state. This show and the generation that produced what it has become must be caused by corrupted genes due to my generation's abuses. I fear what direction our future progeny shall demoralize into. With myopic thinking show hosts/producers such as "CaptImmy" the show shall continue upon it's downward spiral into a moronic cesspool of unintelligent information.

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Well. I know most of the people here came from TTV, Just to go to.....(not really care for)....G4TTV. And not sure who all from the ZDTV days. (can't remember everyones names from back then).

But we have seen a legend come and and a legend go.

And I will always treasure those days. Many laughs, and some sorrows. And all the worlds PC know how in one place.

A fond final farewell to, The Screen Savers

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Well, I checked the G4 forums again and there is a stickied post from "the production team" describing the new format---sounds like lots of fluff and "edgy entertainment".

**However, there apparently was a "tribute" to the old TSS and staff during the last 10 minutes or so of Friday's show, which touched a lot of folks on the forums.** I'm guessing it may be re-run on Monday at noon (whatever timezone Michigan is in.....Eastern, I think)

Most of the old TSS was over my head, CFH was more my style, but tried to learn as much as I could understand from both shows, sad to see them go (bittorenting CFH is still beyond me).

Just thankful I have this place to keep reading and learning how this idiot box works. Liz

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(Places rose on the grave of TSS.) (turns around and walks away)

"Que the cheesy movie music and interior monologue" -------- stage hand

some day day they'll pay for what they did to you. my name is macmarauder and i'm just a fan of a murdered tech show that's out for revenge. some day they'll pay.

"cut to the title movie music and Que sundown in background and Que narrator" -------- stage hand

armed with twin bazooka shooting optical mice and his pentium powered car he hunts dow the bad guys. -------- narrator

"fade to black" -------- director


i personally really like the idea of a merger of a Tech based channel with a Game channel. Tech TV had trouble filling time and you just can't have enough to have game stuff for all the time. But if it was G4 merging into Tech Tv and Tech Tv was in charge i think it would've worked nicely. but instead as we all found out G4 is more like a virus than a channel. G4 had been a loosing proposition since day one. my new name for G4 is the Blob. it sucks you up into its goo and digest you. *blaaaa* :(

were are just simply watching the last bit of technology from Tech Tv being digested.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi MistaMatt90,

Nice article, nice tribute, thanks. Anyone watch the new show? According to G4Forums, it is basically a variety show and Sarah said something naughty--thats all I could glean from the immature comments on AOTS board before I said, "bah" and came here :) . Liz

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Yes this whole thing has been one giant waste of Tech Tv. i saw the show last night and i didn't think that they could've screwed it up worse but they somehow found a way. i think it's a pathetic attempt at a show. like i always said before Kevin Rose would be nowheres without his ability to google for his so called skills and all Sara does is fill time and this other joke of a host i just simply hate. he does nothing but rag on Kevin and pretty much everything Kevin likes especially Macs.

i could quite honestly say that i could produce a more entertaining and Tech Educational Show out of my basement using only my big toe.

my apologies to anyone who actually like that pour excuse of a show. but really think that they could do so much better that they deserve to be taken out back locked in a room filled with computers running windows and told that they can't come out until they fully debug it. :o

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Indeed. I stopped watching TSS once the topics began shifting over to games more than technology. Yes, games are fun, but I can get that sort of information on the internet; technology was the main topic in the past, and when you had such a good show, why did they mess with it?

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I heard Tom Green was supposed to be on Tonight's AOTS but missed it (must be my warped sense of humor, I liked the Tom Green show....). Looked on the forums to see what Tom's antics were and apparently HE somewhat behaved himself but....oh my....Won't be tuning in for the rerun. You'll have to look at the forums for yourselves if you want to know what happened. Please do not watch the rerun if you have children about.

**And to the teens here--if you're curious, read the forums first, then decide if your parents would approve before watching the reruns. How would one of your parents react if he or she walked in at the "wrong" time? Message from a Mom, some things just aren't worth the consequences, parents have a sneaky way of finding out stuff, and maturity grows with learning to leave some things alone. One hour of TV isn't worth the trouble you might get into.

And Macmarauder, I'd LOVE to see what kind of show you could come up with! :D "Mac's Magic Basement Hour"?


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remember back after things got so bad that they were advertising for a new host. i actually sent in a resume. but i've got a face and body for radio. then again my voice is kinda ruff too. heeeh i've still got my brain and humor. ;) i didn't get a call but like i told "fattymatty" (one of the camera guys) at least the show would be entertaining and filled with computer tech which i always though was their strongest value in the end. and like i said when they lost that they would have nothing else left to offer for their loyal fans. it's sad to be right in this case.

(with tears of microchips)

"i told you so" :(

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