Install Apache 1.3.41 Nad Not Apache2

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Hello Team:

Is there a way to download the last stable release of Apache 1.3.41 as a *.deb package without having to go get every flippin dependency in the world myself? I have tried to do this, but I'm constantly getting errors or problems with dependancies and unfortunately, there is NO way to use apt-get to FORCE Apache 1.341 to install with all the stuff it needs - For this install, I believe it would be easier to install Apache1 and then install the program I need.

I am trying to install Freeside1.7.3 Using this weblink and it appears that the instructions

HERE dont use apache2 so I can't really install apache2 because the information is [NOT SPECIFIC to apache2,

The wiki says to do certain things, and I have tried them but I cant get all deoendancies and modules - could someone please help me either install a *.deb package, or help me compile apache 1 for lenny - the docs suck for this :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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