Okay Seriously, Who Is Right, Me Or My Friend?

How funny is the first webisode of "IT Chicks?"  

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  1. 1. How funny is the first webisode of "IT Chicks?"

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Okay my friend and I are having a debate on a recent webisode he found on current.com. It's called the IT Chicks, its like 5 minutes long and i thought it was so-so. Some funny lines and the brunette is fine, but he thinks its HILARIOUS and feels it should be a full-time show on cable tv...which i don't think is a BRIGHT idea (yet anyway). If you guys have 5 minutes or so, help us decide who is rightt...


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I hear Sarah Lane will be hosting a series on CurrentTV this fall.



In early May, I was offered (and accepted!) the opportunity to move into an ideal role as the sole manager of Current.com's tech channel, which had amazing potential but had been sorely neglected in the past without anyone at the helm full-time. The tech channel is an utterly perfect fit for a tech news/app/service/gadget junkie like me and I'm pumped to make it an amazing destination for tech stories, videos, tutorials, conversation, and community. If you haven't poked around on current.com/tech and gotten familiar with it yet, please do. Don't hesitate to give me your honest feedback on what you like about it and what you want to see changed or added, because I'm not interested in making Current Tech a super place for me, I'm interested in making it a super place for as many people as possible. I also have some rather lofty, ambitious goals for the channel that both frighten and excite me, but also seem like the right next steps. As soon as I can tell you about them, I will. Video is involved. :)


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I was expecting it to turn into a porno at any given moment. Which would've actually made it watchable since it didn't total fail.

The first thing I thought when I saw the preview image was "this looks like a porno".

Then I saw Kato's name and closed the tab.

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