Another High-profile Hack, Ddos Probe Goes Global

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Another High-profile Hack, DDOS Probe Goes Global

Nancy Weil, IDG News Service

A high-profile hack of a Twitter employee's e-mail and Google Apps accounts tops our news this week, in part because the whole saga offers a reminder about the need for strong passwords and exercising caution about what personal information is posted at social-networking sites, especially if, say, that information gives clues to your passwords. Elsewhere in security news, or perhaps we should say just about everywhere in security news, the search spread worldwide for the source of the massive denial-of-service attacks earlier this month.

1. Hacker break-in of Twitter e-mail yields secret docs, Twitter/Google Apps hack raises questions about cloud security and Possible Twitter lawsuit would dive into murky blog waters: A hacker got into a Twitter employee's e-mail account and stole confidential documents about a month ago, raising concerns about cloud-computing security and leading to another round of warnings about the need for strong passwords and the pitfalls of posting personal information on social-networking sites, among other things. The hacker used information obtained from the administrative assistant's e-mail account to access the employee's Google Apps account. In a further twist, the hacker offered the confidential documents to some bloggers and online sites, prompting Twitter cofounder Biz Stone to threaten legal action against those who publish the information.

2. Cyberattack probe goes global

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