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I would love to set up a music system so that I can play music from my pc in various areas in my house - over 3 floors, including a roof terrace. Having done some research I have seen that there are wireless systems available, although I have a number of concerns about how successfully it will function. Firstly, my laptop runs on XP. Then, my house has very thick walls. I have seen that some systems run on bluetooth - I'm not sure I have this on my pc (Fujitsu Siemens, Amilo). Finally, it would be great if I could have music playing in different locations simultaneously. Oh, and I would like to run it from Media Player, or something similar.

I would appreciate any advice available.

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It's really depends on your personal preference to which solution you would like to use. There are pros on cons to each different solution. For example, in my opinion I would personally chose a wired system and make the investment of getting a nice brand of speakers wire throughout the house. This will prevent problems such as a weak signal (since you have a 3 story house) or interference from other electronics and appliances. Are you looking to be able to stream the music to the speakers via a wireless connection from your laptop? If so you may be able to purchase some type of bluetooth USB dongle that would transmit the audio to a receiver placed elsewhere in the house which would be hooked up to your speaker system. Just a suggestion. ;)

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Hi Cc427,

Next time you go to a home improvement store, or furniture store, you’ll know exactly the size of your cabinets, windows, or whatever you’d wanna measure. It will be much easier to explain what you are trying to do to anybody in the store, with a real picture! You can also carry the measurements of your car’s trunk, and know if something will fit before your purchase.

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best system I have seen so far, especially if you have non techie users.

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