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Hey guys Ive been trying out Windows 7 these past couple of months and have had a minor issue. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what to do next.

Basically I have a dell XPS laptop and the speakers dont work. I usually have it plugged in to external speakers anyway (which do work) so its not really a huge issue, but the built in speakers dont work at all. Ive been trying to find drivers, but when I run the ones from the dell support site they always say device not found.

You would think the dell site provides proper drivers for this model, but since I was not the one to purchase the computer Im not sure exactly what sound device is in the computer.

Any ideas on how to find the right drivers for this?

Its a Dell xps 1330 and i believe its stock

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I was under the impression that you just use vista drivers, but I am not really sure.

Thats what I tried

Use SIW to identify your sound setup.

I just got back SndTAudio device and a High Definition Audio Device

The SndTAudio device is from a program I installed earlier called SoundTaxi and those are not enabled as the default sound device anyway.

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