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ime having a good run with 9.4

it has taken me some time

to come figure things out

but ime getting there slowly

we have formed a ubuntu club

here in the city ilive in

and it is ironical ime the more experenced with it

than most of the members

and ive showed them how to come to hitests link to get free



i do the ordering

so far we have 15 menbers

some are casuals

it seems nzers are reluctant to shift away from windows

tho i have both vista and ubuntu

it is quite a learning curve using both for certain things

it wasent that long ago when i rubbished linux

as not beeing user friendly

but ubuntu has changed that

and ime more comfortable

now ime on cable

makes hellova difference

the settings here in nz

arnt that much different from windows

the dns is the difference

but i recommend for non users at least to try it


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yes it has taken me some time to

get to grips with

it. i find it needs a fair bit of resources

for instances

i tried to install it on a

16gig hdd

512 mgram

1gig cpu

and buggered if i could get it to install

once i used a bigger sys it installed ok

tho i had to use an external hdd


with an eighty gig hdd

does any one think it is a resource hog

and why didnt it install on the smaller sys

any one have any answers

so i can retry

but yes it is a good sys

quite stable

to quote matt

stable enough to be boring

in regards to the ubuntu club

it is comming along nice

new but

we are all learning

many ask where did you learn all about linux

so i tell a little white lie

ime clever enough to figure it out

tho i have mentioned the board

and hitest

they are also memebers of a nz message board

and the 15 of us use the ubuntu sig we get a lot of questions asked

thanks for the encouragement


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