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Sure hope someone can help me.

I'm old... but an even older friend several states away had to buy a Vista machine, and I have been trying to help her do certain things over the phone -- not fun since I know nothing about Vista!

One of the things I can't seem to find on the Microsoft site is the folder directory tree. I'm not sure if this is the correct terminology, but I want to be able to see how Vista folders are set up, like the same thing I can see in Windows Explorer in XP and previous versions.

I need to be able to help her navigate from within other programs to, for instance, her folder they call "Pictures" and I don't know where it's located exactly. I think the "Pictures" folder is what took the place of "My Pictures" in WinXP? And the "Documents" folder took the place of "My Documents" ?

I will appreciate your help so much!


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Gee--I have both a Vista machine and an XP machine and I can

look at the folders in either one by using the shortcut to get

to Explorer (Windows Key + E)

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I'm new to Vista so forgive any inaccuracies.

Open the "Computer" app (locations; an icon on the desktop, an item in the Start menu, or just type Computer in the search window in the Start menu and hit Enter). You can also use Windows Explorer (Start menu) but it "assumes" you want to start in a default location that won't be familar to you (though you can navigate FROM there to get the directory tree location you're used to).

In the left pane is the closest thing to the directory tree you're used to (in the pic "Computer" and the folder tree is shown on the left, the CONTENTS of "Computer" is on the right). If you click on a folder it shows the content of the folder in the right pane, but does not expand the tree to show all the subfolders, like you may be used to. To get the folder to show subfolders there's a teensy triangle or arrow, click THAT, and the folder extends to show all the subfolders (the arrow then points downward to show that folder has been expanded).


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I think Nancy is asking where the Pictures folder is located and if it is different than the My Pictures in XP.

Basically all of these will be in the user account documents folder.

The big difference is if it is a 64Bit version of vista where you will have (as on Jdoors machine) both a program files and a program files (x86)

one for 32 bit one for 64 bit applications.

Yes, as you surmised Nancy; they dropped the "My" from the name but location and purpose remain the same.


They also made it easier to browse to by putting it to the top of the tree under desktop so you do not have to go to the documents and settings => or otherwise search to find it.

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Yeah, the Pictures and Documents folders for each user is in the Users\*name of user* folder. That would be the folder of the only user if you haven't set up a non-administrator account yet -- you really should do this for security reasons: Malicious programs that somehow infiltrate your system while you're running an administrator account will have administrator access. That's not good. The downside of a non-admin account is if you're trying to do something that requires admin access you have to type in your password before you can complete whatever it is you're doing (hardly an imposition since you KNOW the password -- but malicious programs don't).

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As usual, I am in heaven on BestTechie!

I am just thrilled over all of this information.

Every one of these answers helped me in different ways.

And...for you to take the time to give me illustrations is

so very helpful and makes all the difference in understanding.

I feel so lucky and can't wait to pass this on to my friend.

Thank you!!!!

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