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So today I plug my first gen ipod touch into my iMac to sync and not only does itunes open but iphoto opens and shows the touch as a camera... what. This is the week iphone/ipod touch 3.0 becomes available and the new iphone. So because of this purely circumstantial evidence (or bug maybe glitch) I'm starting this rumor that Apple will be releasing a ipod touch with built in camera this summer.

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If they do release an iPod Touch with a camera it won't be this summer. It will most likely be in September. My reasoning for this is because Apple always does a "Back to School" sale from June to September when they give away free iPod's to students who purchase a Mac. Shortly after the sale is over they announce new iPod's. I guess it's a friendly way to get rid of old inventory. :P


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Over the weekend two rumors of ipod video/still cam. First was a picture of a new ipod touch case with a port for the camera lens like on the iphone 3gs, no biggie companies probably design prototypes just in case. And second reports of Apple ordering a lot more camera components.

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