Systemrescuecd 1.2.1

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SystemRescueCd 1.2.1 Is Powered by Linux Kernel operating system for system administration and data recovery

François Dupoux announced on June 15th the immediate availability of the SystemRescueCd 1.2.1 Linux distribution. Being powered by Linux kernel, the new version of this tiny Gentoo-based OS for system administration and data recovery comes with a few important updated packages and a couple of improvements. Without further introduction, let's have a detailed look at the main features of SystemRescueCd 1.2.1:

· Updated the standard Linux kernel packages to version;

· Updated the alternate Linux kernel packages to version;

· Updated e2fsprogs to version 1.41.6;

· Updated the Logical Volume Manager (lvm2) package to version 2.02.45;

· Updated NTFS-3G to version 2009.4.4-AR10 (this is the Advanced NTFS-3G Features branch);

· Updated FSArchiver to version 0.5.7;

· Updated Parted to version 1.8.8-git-20080324;

· Added the Cowloop 3.1, a copy-on-write loop driver.

The above notes were taken from the official changelog, as there was no news entry on the SystemRescueCd website about the 1.2.1 release at the time of writing this article. We will keep you updated if François Dupoux makes an official announcement for SystemRescueCd 1.2.1.

On the other hand, there is a development release of SystemRescueCd (version 1.2.2 Beta 1), which brings mdadm support in the startup process and fixes the sysresccd-cleansys utility.

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