Cannot Download .net Framework Broken Microsoft Site

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So I REALLY need the .net framework to use one of my programs and well microsoft has had a broken link for 2 days. I find that pitiful for such a large company.

Where can I download the FULL version for Vista? See I did get the 2.8mb one downloaded but when it tried to connect to the server it does not get it. I had to download that installer from cnet because MS site is DOWN well for that link.

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Try running live updates.

I just did a reload and it is on the optional menu not the express.

It offers the base 1.1 plus the full 3.5 overlay for .net.

use IE, it seems to work better.

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do you have another computer in the house to test with. I would be curious to see if the computer is the issue or some internet routing issue.

If you have a live linux cd, that would also work. If you are able to download the standalone installer using that, then you can look at your computer as the issue. If that also fails, then you can look at a routing(internet) problem

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