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Haven't really been around all that much. The last few weeks have been busy with my wife

After a few weeks of tests, it was decided that she was to go in and have a lump in her lung removed

She had it ever since she can remember, but in the last two years it started to increase in size.

The surgeon was hesitant and tried to talk her out of it, or at least do just a biopsy.

Thank God my wife is stubborn and insisted it be removed

The surgeon came into recover, after the operation and assured us it wasn't cancerous and he sent it to the lab to be sure

Three days later we get a call from an Infectous Diseases doctor wanting to see her

It turns out the lump was a spore. The doctor pulled up a map and showed us the region where other people have had this and smack dab in the center of the map was my wife's family's hometown.

Some 40 years ago there was a problem with contaminated water runoff from the coal mines and farm pastures and it was only in the Ohio River Valley

The spore increased in size because it was getting ready to burst. There's no telling what would have happened if it did

The surgeon said ,in hindsight, it was a good thing that he didn't puncture it with just a biopsy

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She has 2 pills she has to take for a month and get some bloodwork once a week for a month to make sure it's all gone

Other than that she's OK and starting to move around the house more

Thank you for your concerns

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Good luck; sounds like you dodged the bullet. I think that spore related infections are more common in the brain than the lungs. Of course I know someone whose mother died of a fungal spore infection in her lungs while on vacation in Mexico. They said something similar that it probably had been there for years and the plane flight caused it to burst.

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