Ever Felt Like Doing This To Your Compaq?

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Found this today off the coast of the Florida pan handle. Someone had dropped it down into a compartment of a sunken tug boat in about 80ft of water. Thought you computer geeks might find it interesting. A couple critters were already calling it home.

* Sorry for the crappy picture quality - The best I could to with the amount of light I had *



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Darn Bubba; you live like ten or fifteen miles from my Mother In Law.

I always thought you lived in Texas near me; did you move there recently?

Personally other than the weak power supplies I never had an issue with Compaqs.

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Bubba, Do you know Johnny and Ann Jordan up there in Ozark?

You didn't try to salvage it? lol

LOL! No. Tempting...

I know several Jordans... Johnny sounds familar but I can't place it. I notice you're in Baker. That's pretty darn close to where the old family homestead was a couple generations back... Allentown/Milton area I beleive. Know any McLaughlin's down there?

He has Jordan Enterprise I believe it is called. Machine shop and is big in Drag Racing. The shop is right on 331. They have 2 sons. Jeff and Jerrell.

I knew a Steve McLaughlin in Milton that worked for the School Board Years ago.

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