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OK, bear with me because this is wayyyyy beyond my little brain.....

Clicked the start button to get online after a few hours away from the computer, and noticed "command prompt" at the bottom of the block of items that display directly above the start button~the recently used stuff....

(top to bottom listed is Internet/Email/Solitare/AIM/Calculator/Skype/Itunes/Command Prompt/All Programs)

I've never used "command prompt". Ever. Don't know what it is. I don't need to know what it is. Son's responsible for calculator, skype and itunes being on the list but I don't think Son used Command Prompt as I didn't notice it living there until just now and Son hasn't played on my computer in a couple days.

Why did it show upon the "start list"? Everything seems to be working fine....Didn't go to anything online that I don't normally go to....??????


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Thank you Hitest!! Skimming through your link I realize *I* may have been the culprit!! :pirate: There was a reference to networking tools and I uninstalled Network Magic on Friday night

Very glad to hear its normal. Had visions of walking in to a black screen with a little dash on the top left corner....


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A command-line interface (CLI) is a mechanism for interacting with a computer operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks. This text-only interface contrasts with the use of a mouse pointer with a graphical user interface (GUI) to click on options, or menus on a text user interface (TUI) to select options. :)

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