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hey guy im think of making a new pc and need help with it i found parts that i lke and will speand up to 1g idk if this part will fit or not and or can someone make me a pc for 1g

2 X Western Digital Caviar 500GB Hard Drive

ABS Tagan BZ Series 800W Modular Power Supply

OCZ Freeze Extreme Thermal Compound

G.SKILL 6GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory .

EVGA X58 Motherboard

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz LGA 1366 Quad-Core Processor.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit .


2 x EVGA 9800gX2 Video Card.

NZXT LEXA-NP Black/ Silver Aluminum Construction Plastic Front Panel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

( )

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i like it but is the ZALMAN CNPS9900LED 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler going to be big anoff cooler to cool the i7>? and i need a biger hard drive like 1t

( i use alot of hd i like to game alot and for on a side job im a DJ

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Zalman is top of the line for CPU cooling, that is why I picked it. It has plenty of reviews on newegg from customes with i7's that or OC'ed and it keeps it really cool.

For storage, you could go with two of the ones I posted in something like RAID 0, or just get one, 1tb drive.

If you have the money and want to do it, you could upgrade your Raptor for a SSD.

Also your case would work, but I prefer the Antec for all of my builds because of the large storage space, excellent cooling, and pre-built holes for water cooling.

Was doing some more research for RAM, and though its a bit slower, it will be more reliable IMO in the long run. I have always used Corsair and nothing else.

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I agree with MoNsTeReNeRgY22 on most of his parts decisions except a few.

One I just like nVidia more than ATI. I'd suggest an EVGA GeForce GTX275.

Storage, unless you really care that much about how fast your game loads, just stick to 7200RPM drives. I just think the the price isn't worth it to get a 10000RPM drive.

The sound card, somebody commented that an Audigy 2ZS was better than what you posted, MoNsTeReNeRgY22. I'd get a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium. I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional myself and going to that from an Audigy 2ZS was like night and day. Infinitely better sound and PCI-e interface.

And that EVGA x58 board you originally mentioned would be my motherboard of choice for an i7 build. If I wasn't such a die-hard AMD fan that's definitely what I'd get. But at the same time I'm an nVidia fan and ASUS is the only company that makes an nForce980a SLI motherboard for the PhenomII's (or at least that's the only one newegg sells).

Every last one of my builds has been AMD processor, nVidia chipset motherboard, video cards with nVidia GPU's (since the GeForce 5 series, I've bought EVGA cards), and Creative sound cards. I plan to continue that as long as it's possible. I don't wanna go Intel cause I'm more of an nVidia fan than anything. AMD may own ATI but at least they haven't tried to make an enemy out of them like Intel has.

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Personaly, I am Intel and ATI all the way. Thats the reason I posted what I did.

For storage, I upgraded from a 7,200 RPM drive to a 10,000 RPM drive and I noticed a huge speed improvement. I was really happy that I did.

For the sound card, I noticed that abit later after I have posted it. I am not the most familiar with sound cards, I have always used on board due to money restrictions.

For all of my builds, I always go red(ATI), white(Intel), and blue(Gigabyte) as I say. Everyone has their personal preferences, and those happen to be mine. ;)

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I figure being an ATI fan, you'd go AMD though. Intel is starting to turn into total butt wipes recently. Again, AMD may make ATI chips but at least they haven't completely alienated nVidia like Intel seems like it's trying to do.

Actually I'm an nVidia fan overall but I have say, I do prefer ATI integrated graphics over nVidia integrated graphics for laptops (I've just had better luck with them). But desktop video cards and mobo chipsets , I like nVidia.

I'm no sound card expert but the X-Fi Titaniums are pretty good. Like I said, I have a Fatal1ty Profess1onal Edition and it's pretty sweet. A great upgrade for $120. It provided a few extra FPS in Crysis and had infinitely better sound than integrated. It actually gave about 5-8 extra FPS in Crysis over integrated.

I had planned to go i7 before Intel decided to sue nVidia over something retarded. I mean heck, if anything nVidia coulda helped them make more money but they turn on them instead. So I'm gonna stick to AMD particularly since the newest PhenomII X4 955 Black Edition came out. For the money, it's not bad.

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