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Am trying to play some online animation that always asks if I want to dwnload Macromedia flash...so I did. Have downloaded Flash plug-in (.rpm) for Konqueror. Installed, then added it to path/folder for Konq to find in the settings>config Konq>plugins>Netscape plugins dialogue box. Then clicked on scan for new plugins, but will not recognize it. What's going on?

Thanks for any help.

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since I don't use Konqueror often , Im assuming you know were its plugin folder is. but incase not.. try this..

under your home folder you have a .netscape/plugins.

find the flash plugin and link it..

example would be.

ln -s /flashpluginfolder/flashplugin.so /home/username/.netscape/plugins/

then have Konqueror find netscape plugins as I am sure its looking in the .netscape folder..

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