Snow Leopard Improvements You Should Know About

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Snow Leopard Improvements You Should Know About - And a number of rumored OS X 10.5.7 additions

By Sergiu Gatlan, Apple News Editor

1st of May 2009, 16:39 GMT

"When was the last time you heard Apple releasing one of its products and saying that it would not add any new features compared with the last version? If you were prepared to say never, think again. That time was when it announced the release of Snow Leopard, the future addition to its family of OSes bearing cat monikers.

And when it said that, it really meant it. Snow Leopard will not be an OS X version boasting a whole roundup of new features created just so all Leopard users would want to get their hands on it and install it on their Macs. This time, Apple only wants to deliver the best OS experience ever on the Mac platform.

What are the things that will make Appleā€™s wish reality? As I already said in a previous article, the announced additions that you will definitely notice when running Snow Leopard on your Mac will be Grand Central, the application footprint overall reduced, extended 64-bit technology, OpenCL, applications rewritten using Cocoa, enhanced multimedia playback capabilities and support for modern codecs on the Quicktime X platform, and out of the box Microsoft Exchange support.

Apple revealed these to the public so that everyone could make their own idea on the potential behind the Snow Leopard OS X release. However, in the meantime, Apple seeded Snow Leopard builds to developers and, despite the NDA they have to follow, some juicy details have leaked on the web for everyone to pick up and add to the already impressive list of Snow Leopard additions and improvements."



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Apple made this point a year ago at WWDC. They said then that there would be very few new user features and they were working on a intel only os that would make big improvement under the hood.

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