Mandriva Linux 2009.1 Released

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Mandriva Linux 2009.1 Released - The Spring just got sunnier

By Daniel Pop-Silaghi, Linux Editor

30th of April 2009, 06:50 GMT

This is definitely a great time for Linux users all over the world. After Canonical showed off their latest Ubuntu distribution, it's time for Mandriva to take the spotlight. Yes, Mandriva 2009.1, also known as Spring, was released today after two Alphas, one Beta

and two release candidates. There are a lot of exciting new features that will please all of Mandriva's fans and surely make others take a second look at what this distribution has to offer. Mandriva 2009.1 can be downloaded for free either as a CD, DVD (i586 and x86_64) or a Dual CD.

"Mandriva announces today the launch of the final version of Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring. Quicker, easier and even more secure this new version brings you a host of innovative functionalities. The Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring range is now available in the office format which corresponds to your choice, KDE, GNOME or LXDE and all this in more than 70 languages. Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring not only offers you the most advanced and easy to use Linux operating system on the market but also integrates a list of some of the most complete software." was stated in the official release announcement."

details & screenshots -


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