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I see that M$ Internet Explorer 8 is a recently added critical update. Has anyone found any problems with this program? Is it ready for primetime?

Yeah, I know all about the advantages of using FireFox, but I need IE as a secondary browser.

All comments appreciated.



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Opera still seems more robust for me than IE8 or Firefox using WinXP SP3 on an older, under powered box.

The only reason I still use FF or IE8 is, for some reason, some pages won't render w/ Opera (you can report which pages do not to Opera).

Note: Firefox recently had a critical update also (3.0.10), and Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is now available (see Browsers and Plug-ins at Filehippo) if you feel adventurous.

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Well I had a few problems when I adopted it (desktop resized, problems with images saved from web not stretching to fit when used as wallpaper) but nothing major.

One person recently updated and encountered problems with a cdburner plugin (Browser Helper Object for Drive Letter Access to allow saving files you download directly to CDR and enabling drag and drop from web pages to CDR) but that was easy to fix.

Overall it is ready; the big problem is that many of the fixes are necessary but they disable functions which other software may have relied on and that software is not necessarily being updated as it should.

Since there are many critical holes in older versions of IE , and the internet is not a safe place it is a good idea to update your browser when the author releases a new version.

Many times the exploits they are fixing are the "zero day" exploits which malware authors can use to disable antivirus and firewall or install things silently without you or your antivirus noticing the install.

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i have exp 8

but found it no dif from 7

one of the reasons i surf safe

is an application called scared

scared to surf here scared to surf there

ok it is boring

but safe

as a result i havent had trouble for a long time

and i notice

when i installed ex8

these updates came thick and fast

in regards to firefox

in the old days it was firefox v the others

now the firefox users

dont push there barrow like they used to

now it is used extensively

the has come under fire from the naughty brigade

so it is now in the same catergory as IE

i havent used any other browser than IE

so ime no browser authority


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Thanks all.

I'm installed IE8 on another computer and did see the results that Pete C mentioned.

I'm becoming more of a FF user lately. It took me awhile to come around ( 6 years :huh: ) but I now like it.

Hi Marty! Good to see you. I agree; safe and scared is usually boring. :D


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