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I have a compaq armada E-500 P III, I just wiped the HDD clean and want to run a knoppix CD . How do I get into the Bios to set it to boot from CD now that the HDD is clean. And it should run from the cd right?

Different computers have different ways to get into the BIOS settings. Some computers you can hit delete on start-up. I did a quick and dirty search on Google and found one compaq aramada that used F10 to get into the BIOS settings.

If that doesn't work try searching the manufacturers web site. Here's a that might help you.Compaq BIOS help

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Well, first try putting the cd in first, without any change. I did that with my old compaq (also a P3) and it apparently already was set to boot from cd first, and HD second. If that doesn't work, you can change the settings. When the computer boots (when the screen says "Compaq" on it, or whatever type of mobo your using), in the corner it'll say Setup-XX (XX=some key). Press that key repeatedly (until the computer registers it) then it'll take you there. From there, go to boot sequence, and change the sequence! Easy as that.

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the good thing is you do not need any of the tools you listed in linux....... you may have to change your signature..

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we all were at one time..

it get additive. I use Vmware alot and try every distrobuution in it.. for $189 its much better than buying a new PC. plus you can pause and boot others, run mutiple vmware session (ram cpu dependent) ..

I have my standard Gentoo install wiht vmware.. I use windows XP in vmware for Autocad and VISIO (work stuff) please anyone we need autocad for Linux and art for DIA so I can drop VISIO.

I also use it to build my own linux..

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I don't recall which F_ key it was, and your right I might need to change signature.

Is that better? Don't go to far I'm new to this Linux/Knoppix thing.

Congratulations on joining the Linux club. It is very addictive. After you've messed around with Knoppix for a while you might want to install Linux to one of your windows boxes. Good first choices are Mandrake, Fedora, SuSe.

For me personally I don't have a problem with formatting a windows box. The best way to get a computer to run properly is to remove the windows infection from it and install Linux:-)

I am a little biased of course. I've made the switch completely. I don't use windows. :D

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