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Hey everyone,

Its been a long time since I posted here!

So basically, I have a problem with my router. What happens is that my router disconnects from all of the laptops on it at random intervals. To get it working again, I need to unplug the router and wait for it to reset. This happens quite least twice per night. It can sometimes get very annoying, especially when I'm doing something on the internet that requires and internet connection.

I have tried many things to remedy this problem, and none of them have worked. It is a linksys router, but I also had the same problem with a netgear router that we had before.

Thanks for your help!


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Its a Linksys WRV200. Its not compatible with the DDWRT.

Yes, I've tried updating the firmware, and yes I've put it back to factory settings. I've also turned off all securities and it still just disconnects all the computers. Its weird, because what happens is that I'm still connected to the router, but there is no Internet access, and I can't ping the router. I will try to connect straight to the modem.

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A Comcast tech came, and they said that it was the actual modem's problem (something about the firmware not being upgraded or something). So he switched out the modem. So far everything has been running alright. I haven't had to restart the router, however, there are periods of about 1 or 2 minutes when the internet just seems like it stops, and then it works again.

Its weird. Do you have any ideas?

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try to connect the modem to the computer directly. may be there is some problem in the modem, and we are trying to reset the router.

you can check all the wired cables of the router.

check the power connection, power connection should not be loose.

check the modem light it blinking?

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