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Does anyone have suggestions on which media player works best(for free downloads/workability)?... I'm using AVS4you DVD player,it's pretty good, tried Adobe Media Player last night, but it always says, "this media is not available @ this time", even though caption says fully downloaded.... anyone else have this frustration? how about a different player, any ideas?

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The best codec pack I've used is the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP). I comes with 2 media players, Zoom Player and Media Player Classic HomeCinema (I like Zoom Player). It can handle all the biggest video types and many others. It's considered by many to be a superior pack to K-Lite (CCCP is pretty much a must have amongst the anime community).

VLC Media Player is another. It comes with it's own codecs but from my experience, it doesn't handle H.264 video as well as CCCP (particularly videos with soft subtitles) but it plays DVD's like a champ which is what I have it for.

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i have also downloaded the latest version of the media player. so you are talking to me to download the new version of the media player. really i don't know about the codec pack,

what is it .it is the new player or the media player editor.

it is necessary to download the codec pack in the computer .

is there any way to fix this problem with out downloading anything.

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Codec packs allow for support of more video formats. CCCP works with Windows Media Player, DivX, Winamp, etc but it comes with it's own players which I feel work better. Zoom Player is my personal favorite (which comes with the CCCP) for video. I use VLC Media Player to play DVD's, and I use Winamp for Audio/Music.


Combined Community Codec Pack (Has pretty much every video codec needed as well as a pair of good media players)

VLC Media Player (Good for DVD but can also play many of the same things as CCCP but doesn't handle them as well)

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so i need to download the vlc media player from the internet and remove the media player from the computer.

but really i like the media player , this is my favorite player . i used this player for a very long time even when i purchased the computer.

is there any way to resolve the problem with out needing to remove the media player.

if needed i download the vlc media player and also codecc software from the internet .

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