Mac G4 System Failure, Corrupt Stack, Help!

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Does anybody know what this is and how to fix it. It's on a MAC G4 800 MHZ POWER PC WITH 256 MB SDRAM. My G4 crashes after about 5 minutes of iTune Party Shuffle play. I am not sure if it happens with any other application because all I use this G4 for is for iTunes playing.

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I am a hardware guy. My first thought is an old hard drive like that is starting to fail. I would test it. I would remove the hard drive and place it in an x86 based(windows) machine and run a harddrive diagnostic program like spinrite. Thier are also good free programs released by hard drive manufactures. Is it an optiuon to trhy and format an reload your system? If so that may be the best solution.

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System Crash (Kernel Panic) on os x machine is almost always hardware related. You could run the Apple Hardware Test that came on your system install DVD. I'm guessing that you're also pushing the limits of your hard drive. With only 256mb RAM my guess is that itunes is pretty much running from virtual memory. If you have a song or two that may be corrupt and being added to your shuffle this could be the cause of the error.

I would definitely back up your data and start with repairing permissions and run disk utility to fix any errors. Maybe even use something like onyx or applejack. Also make sure your mac is up to date especially itunes and quicktime.

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