Assulted Over Linux

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This is just insane:

Ken is doing a good thing (I believe) for a lot of people. Seriously though, even if Ken wasn't around to do what he's doing, these guys still may be out of jobs (if this recession keeps going on) as more and more netbooks with linux based operating systems are purchased.

Ubuntu (and a couple of other distros) are definitely ready for everyday usage - web, email, IM, etc. If anything hurts Linux distros (and I know Matt agrees) it's the software available to it - not the actual system itself.


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If anything hurts Linux distros (and I know Matt agrees) it's the software available to it - not the actual system itself.


I think it is the configuration of a Linux system that will stymie most regular computer users. Ubuntu is going in the right direction as it makes the computing experience more user-friendly.

People want to be able to turn on their units and just use them. They want to be able to plug-in their cameras, transfer music, etc. without any fuss. Most people are not nerds like us, they do not want to configure obscure settings or run shell prompts.

Linux is getting there......albeit slowly:)

Agreed. there are some proprietary brands of software that will not come pre-loaded on a Linux system.....which would be tough for the average Joe to install........**cough adobe-flash cough**

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it is a pity it had to come to a confrontation

but in times like this

all hell will brake loose

it isnt any good blaming each other

but those buggers who caused the downturn

and i see they are going to be bailed out

in regards to linux

ive argued for years on this and other boards

linux wasent for the faint hearted

until they come up with ubuntu

back some time ago i experemented with


and what a bloody schemoozle

i couldnt get it on line as those days dial up was the only option

in nz

the only way to get on line with dial up was ring the

linux agency

and get a tech to walk you through

the dial up set up

he and two others serviced the whole of nz

and there were very fewlinux users those days

as you had to be a nasa tech to use it

when i joined theses messages boards

there use to be much flaming

on the difference to these sys"s

and even then i argued

windows brought compts to every houseld

because it was USER FREINDLY

many linux users hated those words user friendly

and i got into strife at techtv.g4 and world start

because i said until it becomes user friendly

it will stay in the

back alleys

and ive been prooved right

until ubuntu came along

linux had 9 percent of the total sales

where as windows had 90 percent

not because it was better

the dam cat and the dog could use windows

so to speak

and tho i argued about these sys

i bought all the issues [not free that was a fable]

of mandrake at that time

i still have those disks

but ime not sure if they would be servicable now

but the ubuntu series has changed all that

it is fast becomming a challenge to windows

and about time

there are still afew things i found

difficult to fathem out but is now

where it should be

and has put linux back on the map

sorry if i have gone on and on

it is a subject been ive bin passionate about


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