Help Please! Got A Wireless Question

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Hi Guys

My mum has a dell computer that is not wireless enabled, her virgin broadband is super fast and she doesn't want me messing with it or making it wireless (plus i dont have any spare cash to buy the usb thing because....

I just bought myself a laptop that IS wireless enabled. I want to be able to use it in the same house. I have just been sent the router from virgin.

So, my question is, how (in as much detail as possible please :) do I keep the cable connection for my mom but still set up the router to use my laptop wirelessly in the house???

Is this possible?

The router is a netgear one.

Any detailed help would be much appreciated, thankyou

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Get a small length of ethernet cable, plug the ethernet from the modem to the router then the router to your mums computer. Enable wireless on your laptop, should all work. Then set up the wireless security on the router with a good password, do this from the desktop. Next time you use your laptop it will ask for the password. Your now good to go.

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