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Hello all! I have a question? I was wondering if anyone knows a way to keep albums that have different artist in the same album. When I rip a cd like for instants "Groove Station 4" Theirs like 18 different artists. After iTunes finishes ripping, all the artists are in there own album, and this is where I would like to keep all the song together and not scattered all over the library.


In the picture you'll see 2 albums of the same showing separate artist from the cd The Sounds Of The 70's. Is there a way I can have all the song in one album and not scattered all over?

Hoe this makes scene if not I'll try to explain it better next time around.


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I suppose you could try just right clicking on the song in itunes > Get Info > Info tab and change the name of the album.

Thanks once again for the help as that worked!

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Don't know how to export iTunes library before it disappeared completely?

As we all know, iTunes media contents are protected by Apple's digital right management (DRM) copyright. Thus here we'd like introduce some powerful DRM removal tools such as TunesKit DRM Audio Converter, which allow you to get rid of the DRM encryption and then export all media content from iTunes to your computer in a common format such as MP4 or MP3, etc.

TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is otherwise capable of removing DRM and converting all iTunes M4P songs and audiobooks to DRM-free formats like MP3, AAC, etc., without causing any quality damage, and then exporting them to any media device for playback with no limitation.

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