Rain. The More Rain. Then Some More. Tonight? More Rain. Tommorow? More Rain.

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Been multiple nice dry 70-75 degree days here. It was kinda cloudy yesterday and there was a light sprinkle while my dad and I were out yesterday. It's a sunny no cloud day today too at 78 degrees. Tomorrow appears to be more of the same but Wednesday is lookin like thunderstorms and down into the 50's while there appears to be a chance of rain Thursday and Friday while in the 40's.

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Tuesday Rain: early...then remaining cloudy with thundershowers developing by afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 52F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected.

Tuesday night: Rain and a few thunderstorms this evening, followed by occasional showers overnight. A few storms may be severe. Low 33F. Winds SW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall near a half an inch.

All this just after the 3 days of "liquid sunshine" over the weekend.

Sure wish I could teach the doggies to wipe their feets...

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We were in a drought having had less than half the rain we normally get for the last several months. The predicted rain earlier this week all seemed to miss us; but yesterday and last night we got a good soaking 3-4 inches throughout most of north texas. I think that brought us back to normal for the year. Surprisingly little runnoff compared to what we would normally have with a rain even of this magnitude.

It is just scattered showers , very light today; but more heavy stuff predicted for tomorrow.

Things are greening up here very nicely; but it is cold now (thirties, maybe forties ) but should warm back up by monday.

Which is a good thing; I need to replace the waterpump and timing belt on my truck and do not want to do it in the cold and rain.

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... Things are greening up here very nicely; but it is cold now (thirties, maybe forties ) ...

I got yer cold right here. :angry:

No, seriously, we're nearly twenty degrees below normal for this time of the year. I had already started switching the house over to warmer weather mode, guess I'm a bit early.

Didn't know you guys were so much dryer than normal. At least I know where all your rain has been going. <_<

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Well it should be back to normal (the sixties by day, forties by night) here by sunday.

I keep the house pretty well buttoned up year round; but when the weather is nice I open the back porch / screen door and bathroom window and attic / roof hatch. Get pretty good flow through ventilation which airs out the house fast.

It is raining again today; so we are finally not in a rain deficit for the year (even after the last round we were still officially 0.25 inches below normal). Still cold, high today predicted to be 39-41.

The Bermuda grass and St Augustine are already greening up nicely from the last round. Unusual; usually we get a big growth of annual rye and the fescue goes wild before those two even think of regreening.

Saturday update.

Still cold and grey but the rain stopped.

This week NewFlower Markets had fresh Leeks on for $1.29 a pound and Tom Thumb had Asparagus for $0.99 a pound. So I boughttwo pounds of leeks and two of asparagus. I made Potato Leek soup (chunky with cream which was on sale for a dollar a pint ) earlier this week and it was gone in no time. Good stuff on a cold rainy day. I decided to make asparagus leek soup for brunch today. So , sliced up the green parts of the leeks (used the white parts in the potato leek soup) along with some green onions (five bunches for a dollar ; I love spring) and the stalks of the asparagus cut up into 1.8 inch slices. Simmered in a quart of chicken stock until all was tender and pureed with stick blender. Added the tips and some of the top tender bits of the asparagus stalks (cut into half inch tasty bits) and added a half cup sour cream and a cup whipping cream and a cup of milk.

Served with a grilled jalapeno jack cheese sandwich.

MMMMMmmmmmm good.

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