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See topic description, provide links if you so choose.

Here's mine:

IETab - Switches the rendering engine from Firefox to Internet Explorer's in case a page doesn't load well with firefox

Adblock Plus - Never see an ad again

Adblock Plus Filterset G Updater - Automatic Updates for Adblock plus

Stylish - Customize the look and feel of firefox, incredible and is a must try.

Hide Menu Bar - Frees up space and you can just view it by pressing Alt (similar to Internet Explorer)

Customize Google - Wonderful app that allows you to do anything you want with google

Firetitle - Customize the Title of your webpage and remove the annoying "Mozilla Firefox" description

Download Statusbar - Small Effective, Efficient download agent for firefox that just pops up in the status bar instead of a separate window. It's nice and compact.

FEBE - Backup all the addons and settings of your firefox. This is useful for transferring settings to a cleint's PC. Great tool.

That's mine, share yours here.

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