First Thought In The Morning

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I think my first thought is usually something along the lines of, "OH GAWD, why am I awake already?", usually followed by looking at the clock and re-asking. It seems the older I get, the less I sleep. I've been staying up for 24+ hours quite often lately and still only sleeping for 4 or 5 hours right after it...Sometimes I wish I could just sleep for a couple days straight.

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what's the first thing that you ever think about first thing in the morning? :matrix:

Power on the TV , set to morning news.

This alerts the dogs that I am awake and will be out of bed shortly.

Get out of bed and let dogs out (they will be ready at back door)

Put on coffee, must have coffee.

Let dogs in so they do not bark at squirrels or people walking dogs and wake OL up.

Power on computer so I can get more information on what is covered on morning news and check email and forums ....

Savor coffee, and begin thinking what sounds good for breakfast.

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"why do I keep setting this damn thing this early?" or "Man I need to put a different CD in there" (CD Player alarm clock, I've had Bush - Sixteen Stone in there for a while now). and quite often "Need to quit staying up till 3AM when I have an 8AM class". That's actually hard to do considering last semester. The earliest class I had was at 11, ONE day a week, 12:30 two days, and 2 one day. I still haven't readjusted.

or some days:

"....... OH $#*+!!! I forgot to do my assignment!" or "....... OH $#*+!!! I forgot to study for today's exam!"

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"Let dogs in so they do not bark at squirrels or people walking dogs and wake OL up."

I laughed hysterically.

Mine is to usually find out what day it is to see how much longer I can lay in bed until my next class. Then I get a drink.

Today she woke up first. But it was cold so the dogs did not want to stay out long even if they could. They kept trying to see if I could open the door into summer.

After coffee and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese; the OL remarked that it felt like a soup day.

So I asked how chicken and bean sprout soup sounded.

Pulled a couple frozen split chicken breasts (bone in skin on ) out and put em in the pressure cooker.

Added two cans chicken stock, two cans water, three by leaves and a bunch of garlic and put it on.

As I waited in the kitchen , the dogs all gathered round to see what was up. When the pressure cooker started to hiss , they all dashed into the other room as if the cat had just hissed and they were going to be scolded for causing a ruckus.

Turned down the heat to minimal rocking of the pressure valve and we went shopping while the chicken got tenderized under pressure.

Came back , removed the chicken and bay leaves .

Added in shredded cabbage and carrots, diced onion, and a bunch of bean sprouts. Shredded the chicken and tossed it back in and brought back to a boil.

Just too darned good.

First bowl I put Mai Fun (rice vermicelli) in the bottom of the bowl. It cooks basically instantly.

Second I tried Sai Fun (bean thread vermicelli , pure protein no carbs or fat), and a little Sriracha (chinese chili and garlic paste) to clear the sinuses.

Next bowl I think will have some scrambled egg and toasted sesame oil.

I could eat this all day; and probably will. Great comfort food.

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My coffee is in front of me; only a half inch left in the 16oz mug and it is cold now.

I guess that means it is time to decide what to make for breakfast.

Whether to warm up some leftover sweet and sour pork (was it thursday or friday that I made it. Maybe I should just feed it to the dogs but it was good); or make a "breakfast jack" (more week day fare when I am in a hurry than sunday brunch) ; or breakfast taters ( I have a turkey keilbasa sausage calling my name ) ....

It is a chilly day, so perhaps cheesy grits with onion , bell pepper, and garlic.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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My first thing I have to do in the morning will be either to drink some water, or use my Inhaler for my asthma!! I swear that there are days when I will wake up and be coughing so hard, I feel like I am about to drop a lung or cough so much it either makes my chest hurt or make myself feel sick to my stomach!!

Thanks to the inhaler, it takes care of that really well, so I don't have to worry too much about that ;)


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My first thought when I woke up was where did all this blood come from. Oh my god I've killed again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Then I go to the bathroom.

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