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I have a macbook that no longer boots after an update. I would like to pull the data off then reload clean. I tried using ubuntu 8.04. I am able to browse all the files, but when I goto copy them I get permission problems in regards to no read access. I do have read access, since I can browse them. Another option would be to pull the drive, hook it up to a usb cable then use macdrive.

Any ideas to another live cd, similar to linux that may not give me the permission issues?

Any other suggestions to getting the data off?

For what its worth, the owner tried reinstalling, but it froze up.

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I believe if you hold down the c key while pushing down power it will reset the boot after a bad update and will let the mac boot.

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Try starting up from the install dvd holding down C key at startup. Then run the Disk Utility to fix disk and repair permissions. Or you could start by holding down command and the S key to start in single user. Then type fsck -y this sometimes will fix start up errors.

If you have another Mac you can firewire the two together and start the bad install up in firewire disk mode. This let you access all your files and perform repairs or try installing the update from the stand alone update.

Is the guy sure it froze up during reinstall. Depending on the type of install (archive and install) it can take a hour or two even more depending on how much data it archives. Much of this time it seems like nothing is being done. If you force quit during this the OS will not be found. Sometimes another reinstall will work and still keep your data. If not a format and install will be needed.

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I tried running Disk Utility to fix disk and repair permissions. That did not fix the issue. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

We manually pulled out the harddrive and used a sata to usb connector along with "Mac Drive". This worked to retrieve all the data. That was our main priority.

We are going to put the hard drive back in and try and do an archive and install. If that does not work, we will just format and start fresh. I will let you know how it goes.

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There is a bug in early versions of 10.5 that would cause a os update to freeze. This has been fixed but if you reinstall download the combo update from Apple support site and you won't have to worry about this bug.

I have 45 macbooks (not me personally the school I worK at) we had two frozen installs. The girls I had helping me were able to just force quit and restart they said it stayed at the gray screen for about 15 minutes rebooted itself and everything was fine and up to date.

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