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Is you?

I was just wondering if it's like this for most of you guys (and gals).

Since most of the regulars and some of the irregulars that come here, have at least some basic level of tech savvy-ness, do you find that you know no one IRL that can do what you can on PCs?

I pretty much have to dumb down every tech related conversation I have with anyone for fear of their eyes glazing over, tilting their head like a dog, followed by the inevitable "huh". Or worst yet, when they humor you and have no idea what you're talking about.

Self-admittedly, I don't have a huge circle of friends but the ones I have, have almost nothing in common with me on a basic level and absolutely nothing in common when it comes tech stuff. Sometimes I like being the coolest geek they know but most of the time it irritates me when I'd like to have a conversation with someone that I know won't have a clue.

Linux related conversations, nope.

Web design, nope.

Graphic design, nope....but they do like the pretty pictures - especially the ones that look like small shiny objects :lol:

Home recording, once again, nope.

Man, I gotta upgrade my friends!

Can you tell I'm bored? :lol:

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Half my work day I do tech support at a school. We do have a few on staff that understand tech stuff but the overwhelming majority can barley use a browser. I just recently set up everyones computer to be able print to one of our copiers. 90% of the teachers still can't figure out how to choose the copier in the print menu. Even had the Canon guy come in a give a class.

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I also do tech support at the school where I work. I'm an elementary school teacher. I can talk to one or two people about tech as they're part of the school district IT team, but, I never talk tech with my co-workers. Like you said t0c, isteve if I mention things I'm excited about like Linux, FOSS I get the inevitable glassy-eyed stare, deer_in_the_headlights look. I don't really blame them for not being interested as I know my obsession with this stuff is a bit odd. I met our new IT Administrator the other day and he knows everything: I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to him about Linux, networks, etc.

It is good to be a geek:-)

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Funny topic choice, here is my take as I support several hundred small business's.

I get this at least 5 times a day.

" I am computer illiterate" coming from someone that works at the company

In my head I am betting that 9 out of 10 times I hear this, if I went and pulled that person's resume/application, it would say they are competent in all ms office packages. As I sit there teaching them how to do a mail merge for the 5th time in as many weeks.

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I know several other geeks; but most of them tend to be specialists (network admin, sys admin, sales, etc) and not generalists like me.

I actually find the specialists to be more "geeky" as I can often find other things which fascinate me and enjoy the mundane world of carpentry, plumbing, working on my truck, landscaping and a whole lot more.

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I used to be the geekiest of geeks, but now the public's general knowledge equals or surpasses my own, at least the people I deal with. I don't deal with anyone on a regular basis that doesn't have a pretty good grasp of technology (though I remember what that was like).

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Hmmmm, well since I'm in college, I think it's a tad different for me. I'm sitting in a room full of them right now in Programming II. Then my Computer Security Class right after this, same geek teacher, half the students from the Programming II class are in it, and many of the people from my Networking I class last semester are in here too. THEN, the RealSubtle Anime Club I'm part of at my college is also half full of computer geeks (the head of the anime club is one of the IT staff at the college).

Outside of college is a different story but I'm lucky to have a manager at work who's willing to listen and learn (I mean heck, he actually listened when i told him NOT to use IE but FF instead). I'm teaching him new stuff every day and he even wants me to build him his next computer and he wants to watch how it's done.

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