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Hi everybody,

I have a really weird problem and hope someone can help! I downloaded SP2 this evening and when finished I no longer have XPThemes? Just the old classic theme of older version. Weird huh? The bad part is I can't stand the old version and this is driving me nuts. I don't want to start-in changing too much before I know about SP2 and what in the world I'm supposed to do with it :rolleyes:

Anyone heard of this little ditty happening to anyone else?

Be gentle guys.... I'm not that computer literate? :lol:

(I hope I put this in the right place?)

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It is a really.

Bill Gates is investing in OTC pain relievers, stock went down, SP2 came out, stock back up.



I'm beginning to wonder? Not a bad theory mikex.... inside information? Heehee!

Hey, I'm to the point now that if my computer runs I'm happy :D

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