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This is the crap that really burns my biscutts! As many of you know, many of the product reviews on the internet are fakes put out by their respective businesses. Often times it is VERY difficult to spot real reviews from the fake ones. Of course, most of the time one can only have suspicions, but no real proof, so the reviews don't get taken down.

Recently I found a glaring fraud on the Yahoo Business Directory.

Long story short, about a month ago, I rented a uhaul trailer, drove all the darn way to the opposite side of Atlanta, Georgia, to pick up a beautifull 1972 Ford Maverick LDO . The damn thing looked spotless in the 60+ pictures. Got there to find the car not at all as described. They wanted $5200 for it. $5200 for a Ford MAVERICK that was NOT in perfect condition. Yeah, no way in hell. Its a damn economy car form the 70s. Not a Mustang.

So, I put in an offer of what the car was actually worth, got turned down, and walked out.

Now, a little bit later I found some reviews of the business - Dixe Dream Cars - on Yahoo. The first review is by a person named DARLA -

I love Dixie Dream Cars!

They have an incredible selection of late model used cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, BUT they also have MUSCLE CARS! And they Finance!

They have Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and even Project Cars! If you can't find the car you want already restored, you can buy one that is in need of Restoration and DO IT YOURSELF!

They have a Great Restoration Department, too. They will Restore your Classic or Modify it for you!

And they have a Collision Center!

And they have a Service Department!


If that sounds like an infomercial, thats because it is.

Darla is the financier at the business. She also happens to be.... THE OWNERS WIFE! :rolleyes: (yes I reported it to Yahoo)

Now, unless you already knew this information, you would read that review and think that was a pretty good business!

The lesson here? Be very carefull what reviews you read on the internet! If it sounds to good... blah blah blah

Just though Id share this little tid bit. Still gets me a little steamed when I think about it :angry2:

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Few months ago I was looking for a winter truck. Went to a place just like Dixie Dream Car called Deals4wheels. Had some great online reviews but when I got there it looked like a bunch of cleaned up rust buckets and hacked together insurance buy outs. They had a few real nice 4x4 Rangers and S10s but wanted a lot more then book value.

Wonder why used car lots get a bad rap?

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Here is her review for her husband's other business. Sounds like an actual customer - Pretty convincing -

I had my 1971 Chevelle Convertible Repaired by Collision Care and they did an AMAZING job! I have been a Customer Since 2003!

The staff are helpful and professional. They have been in business since 1981 so I was confident taking my Classic car there.

I know exactly where to tell the wrecker when we have a fender bender. Whether it's our SUV or my husband's Mercedes, we will ONLY take our vehicles to Collision Care.

I Highly recommend Collision Care if you want Quality work done on your vehicle. They complete my repairs by the due date and detail my cars before they return them to me.

You will love Sue, Rob and all the others there.

I tell everyone I know to go to Collision Care if they have an accident! They really do Care, and Sue - she has been there 17 Years! - is always very sweet and smiling.

Wonder why used car lots get a bad rap?

Amazing Huh? :D

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